University Relations Committee

Concerned with adequately representing the interests of students to campus administrators, the Board of Trustees and the Illinois State Legislature. Efforts include increasing student involvement in university business and in maintaining necessary student services, while advocating to provide a better possibility to achieve higher education.


  • To improve academic resources to help students achieve academic success
  • To improve issues like curriculum and educational affairs
  • To work on textbook affordability project with the library
  • To propose a suggestion to create accelerated language courses for foreign language requirement in LAS
  •  To create a consolidated tutoring resource website
  • To propose a suggestion for dead week
  • To propose Metra transportation discount for UIC students
  • To improve non-smoking policy

Committee Director: Rowida Zatar

Assistant Director: Aody A (Odhai)

For any inquiries please contact

Committee Meeting time: Tuesday 2:00 PM


  • Jocelyn Bravo
  • Sun Choi