Treasury Committee

The Treasury Committee shall be responsible for all USG finances, and maintaining the official

a. The Treasury Committee shall review funding proposals and recommend to to the Treasurer which clubs should be

b. Shall create guidelines of which clubs should be funded subject to approval of the Legislative

c. Shall manage the USG budget and be notified of all requests for USG funds not allovated to the President or VIce President’s discretionary budget, and make recommendations if needed.

d. The Treasurer shall serve as the de-facto Committee Director for the Treasury Committee.


  • Record and maintain the budget of USG in the most efficient and sensible manner, so as to ensure the organization is unhindered by record keeping errors.
  • Report requested budgetary information when requested by USG officers and Assembly Members, so as to ensure the Assembly makes informed judgments on financial matters.
  • Fund as many eligible UIC students orgs as possible
  • Encourage and foster relationships with student orgs in order to create meaningful, and lasting partnerships that involve more than funding.

Treasurer: Peter Varughese

Assistant Treasurer: Nancy Camacho

For any inquiries please contact

Meeting Time: Tuesday 5:00 PM


  • XuXian Chen
  • Kunying Xie