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Join the Undergraduate Student Government and become a student advocate!

It takes leadership, commitment, and integrity to be a part of USG. Individuals who join our assembly are able to enhance their leadership and professionalism skills. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work with school administrators on a variety of campus issues.

• USG Pre-application 2016-2017 •

Deadline is March 15th!

Be an Interim Assembly Member

In the event that the General Assembly Member seats are open, new members can be voted into the assembly as interim members. The recruitment of interim members is on a first come, first serve basis and will cease as soon as all seats are filled. Interim assembly members serve for the remainder of the academic year. To serve as an assembly member for the following academic year, the interim member must run in the general election or may follow any alternative method approved by the assembly.

In order to be considered for an interim membership, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Currently registered as a UIC Undergraduate Student.
  2. Collect a petition of fifty signatures from the undergraduate student body
  3. Attend two Undergraduate Student Government Assembly Meetings
  4. Attend two Committee Meetings (can be two different ones)
  5. Attend three pre-set office hours for 2 weeks (total 6 hours)
  6. Be in good academic standing as according to your college.

Your office hours may consist of you doing your selected committee work, an interview with either the chair of the Communications and Recruitment Committee or the Vice President, and USG membership training. Once you complete everything above, you can nominate yourself or be nominated to join the assembly during the assembly’s meeting on TBD during the “New Members” portion. If successfully voted into the Assembly, new members will obtain full membership and voting rights after the minutes of that week’s meeting are approved.

Other Membership Opportunities

If you are not interested in becoming a full assembly member or were not selected to join the assembly; there are other membership opportunities available:

Volunteer– Any undergraduate student who assists with the work of this organization shall be classified as a volunteer. Volunteers have no additional responsibilities beyond what is necessary for them to complete the work they have volunteered to do. Volunteers are not required to attend our weekly meeting or any of the committee meetings. If interested in volunteering, please contact the Communication and Recruitment Committee.

Associate Member– In order to be an associate member, then you must meet the following requirements. Any USG volunteer may be promoted to the position of associate as long as they have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Been in attendance/worked with at least one committee for 2 weeks
  • Received the written recommendation of that Committee’s Chairperson

Associate members are not required to attend office hours or general meetings.

If you are interested in joining UIC Undergraduate Student Government, fill out the application below and email it to or bring to our office at SCE Room 397 (Right above the wellness center).