Office of the President


Major: Economics

Flordalia is a third year in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences studying Economics, political science, and international business. As Former Secretary she kept Meeting Minutes and Resolutions organized for the future generations of the Undergraduate Student Government leaders to experience the past. As former Co-Chair of the Commuter Student Experience Committee she brought up the issue of a reduced fare for Metra riding students by collecting student signatures, an initiative still being addressed. As a committee member of the Sustainability and Infrastructure Committee she made possible for the Campus Quad Lights to have the UIC red and blue colors an initiative to increase school pride. Currently Vice President, she is working on increasing the number of members in USG, in reorganizing and structuring the current Constitution and Standing rules, Ambassador of the UIC Pop-Up Pantry, and continuing to enhance the appearance of the UIC Campus. Outside of USG you can find her working at the Student Employment Office.

Favorite Quote: “A witty saying proves nothing.” — Voltaire