Group Funding

The Undergraduate Student Government can provide financial assistance to student organizations seeking funding for academic functions off campus that serve in the best interests of the University.


The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) may provide financial assistance to student organizations seeking funding for academic functions off campus that serve in the best interest of the University. Reimbursements will be granted only to members of registered student organizations for travel expenses including transportation, housing expenses, meal costs, and registration fees.

To be eligible, organizations applying for funding from USG must:

·   Be registered with Campus Programs.

·   Not be eligible for funding from Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC).

·   Be attending an academic meeting, conference, or competition for educational, networking,   or leadership purposes.

In addition to a proposal students must complete these templates for funding renewal:
• Template •

Reimbursements will not be made payable to anyone other than the person travelling; therefore, all charges must be incurred by members individually (purchases must be using the student’s own credit/debit card). Payments will not be made to parents of student or organizations bank account, etc.
Payments will not be granted if regulations set forth by the Undergraduate Student Government are not followed.

Organizations seeking funding from the Undergraduate Student Government must present a proposal to the Committee on Appropriations a month or more in advance, if seeking to pay for registration or conference fees. . The Committee on Appropriations (COA) will present the proposal to the assembly to be voted upon. Prior to presenting proposals to the assembly, COA must obtain approval for reimbursement of function by the Office of the Dean of Students. Appropriate documentation including proof of event, original receipts, invoices, and bank statements must be provided upon request. A notification of the assembly’s decision for request for funding will be sent to the main applicant no later than 24 hours following the vote of the assembly.

The proposal must include the following information:

·   Description of the organization as well as the purpose for which it seeks funding.

·   Steps taken by the organization to receive additional funding prior to applying to USG.

·   An explanation of how this funding is an investment in the organization’s future as well as the UIC student body.

·   Anticipated expenses including multiple quotes showing lowest rates available.

·   Contact information of all members attending the event that are requesting reimbursement including Home Address, Phone Numbers, Full Names, UIC Email Address, and UIN’s *

*Must be sent in a separate email to due to ensure information is kept private.

Funding Regulations

Travel Expenses

·   Students seeking reimbursement for travel must use the most direct and economical transportation which may include airfare, rail, or bus tickets and are required to request lowest available rates.

·   For private passenger vehicles, distance traveled must be determined by using verifiable sources such as Yahoo/Google maps. Mileage reimbursement is calculated at the rate of $0.565 per mile. Only one student may claim reimbursement. Toll charges, parking fees, ferry fees, road, and tunnel fees may be reimbursed if original receipts are provided.

·   Students may rent vehicles if use is justified. Receipts are required for reimbursement.

Obtaining Reimbursement:

·       Once USG approves your travel reimbursement, and after all relevant documents have been submitted to complete the RFF the group will be contacted by the COA chairperson conveying when to go to the Dean of Students office to signoff of the RFF.

·       The Dean of Students office is located in the Student Services Building on Harrison and Racine. The office is on the third floor of the building suite 318.

·       The Dean of Students office will accept students to process RFF’s Monday- Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm.

·   Travel Expense Reimbursement Forms must be filed within 60 days after completing the travel.

·   If travelling internationally, students must have an updated visa or reimbursement will not be granted.

Lodging Expenses

·   Organizations applying for USG funding of lodging expenses are required to request lowest available rates.

·   Lodging reimbursement requires an itemized receipt and is limited to actual cost of accommodations, not to exceed the lodging maximum amount, unless an exception has been authorized, or the lodging is approved conference travel. Personal expenses such as in-room movie and mini-bar charges, spa/health club fees, personal phone calls, etc., are not reimbursable.

·   Lodging reimbursements require an official conference brochure, registration forms, or other documentation of conference/function.

·   If hotel is an official site of conference/meeting/function, the room charges may be reimbursed only with approval to attend by the Office of the Dean of Students as well as USG.

Please send all proposals and questions to